2018 Easter Egg Hunt


First Lady Sandra Deal will host the 2018 Easter Egg Hunt at the Georgia Governor’s Mansion, the date is TBD.

If you will be attending, please bring your driver's license and a copy of your RSVP e-mail to gain entry to the property. Only those on the RSVP list will be allowed to attend. Due to capacity issues we will be restricting the number of attendees that we will allow for the 2018 Hunt.

Please email mansionevents@georgia.gov to reserve your spot for the 2018 Governor's Mansion Easter Egg Hunt. Unfortunately, early reservations cannot be accepted. When making your reservation, please include the following:

  • Names of the adults who would like to attend

    • Only two adults will be allowed per request

  • Names and ages of the children

    • Only children 11 and under will be permitted to attend, children 12 and over will be considered as adults

  • Telephone number

  • Email address

*The requested information is required in order for your email to be considered for acceptance and to gain entry to the property.


Photos from past Governor's Mansion Easter Egg Hunts: