Circular Hall

The chandelier is made from a modern American chandelier and a 19th Century Italian chandelier (which were salvaged from the former Standard Club in Atlanta).  Sufficient pieces from each chandelier were combined to make this addition to the Mansion.

This hall contains one of the rarest pieces in the house: an Old Paris Porcelain Vase with 24 carat gold gilt (circa 1810).  It has a hand-painted medallion of Benjamin Franklin which was taken from his life portrait (painted by Carle Van Loo).  Franklin was the Ambassador to France at that time.

The portrait above the staircase is of Hugh McCall, one of Georgia’s earliest historians and the author of “The History of Georgia.”  Circa 1800.

The large painting of George Washington was painted by Samuel King.  In 1776, John Hancock commissioned Charles Peale to paint Washington’s portrait.  In 1778, he commissioned Samuel King to paint a copy of Peale’s portrait so that he could present it to the Count of D’Estaing (a French Admiral) whose fleet of ships was in Boston Harbor for repairs.