Entrance Hall

The Governor and First Lady typically greet guests in this entrance hall. The State Seal of Georgia is embedded in bronze in the Tennessee marble floor at the entrance and also in the doorknob on the front door.

The chandelier is English gilt bronze (circa 1850).

The center table is English Regency, made of Carpathian elm burl, with rosewood veneer crossbands (circa 1800).

On top of the table is a Gorham sterling silver punch bowl from the battleship USS Georgia. It was presented by Georgia Governor Joseph Terrell to President Theodore Roosevelt on June 10th, 1907.

The bronze busts by Jean Antoine Houdon (French neoclassical sculptor) were cast from the original marble busts of 1778 (circa 1870). The bust on the left is Benjamin Franklin. In 1775, the 2nd Continental Congress established the U.S. Post Office and appointed Franklin as the first Postmaster General. The bust on the right is George Washington, first president of the U.S. (served from 1789-1797).

In 2014, the Governor and Mrs. Deal commissioned the design and construction of two Federalist Period (1789-1823) bookcase reproductions. This allows the display of special books and items. The cabinets are made from mahogany and anigre wood, which originates from hardwoods found in tropical Africa. The contrasting woods emphasizing ovals, turned legs and pediments were drawn from the Federal Period.

The custom display cases were a collaborative effort, designed by Richard and Vicki Zimmerman Design Associates of Eatonton, Ga., and executed by various Georgia trades. Allison’s Custom Cabinets Inc. of Eatonton, Ga., manufactured the body using mahogany and anigre woods. Bavarian Woodcrafters of Stone Mountain, Ga. turned the legs and pediments. The antique brass finish was purchased through Architectural Accents in Atlanta, and the gold leafing on the cabinet door mullions and glazing of the exterior was completed by Amelia Morison of Moneta Resources Inc.