In the Kitchen

The First Lady has always been an avid supporter of Georgia Grown products. The Deals have had much success featuring locally grown produce in the kitchen, extensively on menus for events, and even growing their own fruits and vegetables on the Mansion grounds.

When fruits and vegetables are grown locally, this means they have been harvested at peak ripeness when they’re bursting with nutrients and flavor. Fresh produce can be so delicious on its own that it often does not need to be combined with other foods and flavors.

The First Lady and Governor Deal have always enjoyed incorporating local produce into their lives, and they are very proud to serve the fruits, vegetables and herbs grown on the grounds to guests. Their passion for Georgia Grown produce not only stems from the wonderful taste, but also because it holds better nutrition, supports local economies, preserves agricultural land, and so much more.

Click here to find out what’s in season and where to find Georgia Grown products.

The State of Georgia features a large number of thriving community farmers markets.  To find a detailed list of markets in your county, visit the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s Community Farmers Market page here.


Sous Chef Stanley Simon Holding Pineapple Grown in Greenhouse